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Watch Out Now!

But first, some facts:

1. Today is a gift; we even call it “the present.”

2. Tomorrow is not promised.

It’s not yet Thanksgiving and we are being prompted to decide what we want to “manifest for 2024.”

As a wise person once asked, Oh no, baby, what is you doin’?

Manifesting is about the NOW.

I am ______. I have _______. I be _____ [culturally grammatical].

As we learn to think and speak with intention, we notice more things we have called into being. This works whether we label a thing good or bad or big or small. Just as indecision can hold up a process or multiply confusion, a clear decision on a desire brings it into focus. As we believe it, it takes shape. Watch out now!

The how is not our job.

Our job is to believe. And with the belief, we act as if it is already happening or if it has already happened. Not next year. Now. Even when the thing is defending a dissertation, or something else that has an implied, draining-ass time attached, live your completion in the NOW.

Your timing can set you up for failure.

The last time I set a deadline for when I wanted to achieve one of my bigger goals, I ended up depressed when it didn’t happen by that time. I felt like a failure. It didn’t matter that I was only a failure in my eyes. That’s how depression works, with lies and irrational feelings of failure and hopelessness. Allowing for the NOW, however, means that eventually, that thing you want to be, do, or have, will be happening NOW.

Infinite possibilities abound in every moment.

Recognize this and be thankful for all the things being worked out in your favor without your knowledge right now. Eventually, it will be 2024... I think. It’s not promised to me. So, I open my heart, my mind, my spirit, and my bank account to receive my blessings now. Be thankful. NOW.

Not because it is close to Thanksgiving or because “’tis the season” for all that jazz. Be thankful for the abundance of today, that gift. Our thankfulness for the good I am manifesting means that I truly believe it is here. Oh, that sweet exhale that comes with the Thank you.

I wish you money, peace, security, fun, Love, and The Real You! NOW!

Playlist: “Fantasy” by Earth, Wind & Fire



Tahira Chloe Mahdi is an author, screenwriter, independent arts & culture journalist, and community psychologist. Her latest novel This Is Not How It Was Supposed to Go is a wild, explosive adventure into the dynamics of adult children living with their parents, young women’s sexual agency, and close-knit suburban hood communities.

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