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Of all the times Roshawn’s life fell apart, this particular summer is the messiest by far. Unemployed at age 32, she moves back to her mother’s house looking for a job and the perfect summer fling to cure her blues. 

As luck would have it, Roshawn’s three potential suitors each have their own baggage—and beef with one another. Then, when strange circumstances bring her first love back into her life, her family and community bonds are tested as they find themselves on opposite sides of the law. 

In these sexy, explosive adventures, mothers who judge their daughters hide secrets of their own, and the past catches up to challenge what everyone believes about love and adulting.

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“Y’all ain’t ready for this one...a world of thrilling adventures, tangled relationships, and explosive surprises!”
   -Between the Reads Podcast

“A must-read and true page-turner! I’m in love with Roshawn’s journey, and especially her reactions, as she discovers old things about new people and new things about the people she thought she already knew.”
   -Kato Hammond, Take Me Out to the Go-Go

“A sexy murder mystery thriller love story. I love it.”
   -Nena Brown, Box Braids and GTubes

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• Book Club Appearances
• Speaking Engagements

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