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Of all the times Roshawn's life fell apart, the summer of 2010 was the messiest ... by far. Locations have been redacted because this tale of thirst and mischief is way too hot to handle!


Unemployed and fresh outta college at age 32, Roshawn is back in her hometown looking for a job and the perfect summer fling to cure her blues. As luck would have it, her three potential suitors each have their own baggage --- and beef with one another.


Living with her mother is a daily battle, but beneath the matriarch's wisdom and warnings are secrets even darker than Roshawn's. In these naughty, explosive adventures, life in the suburbs spins way out of control, and the past always catches up to kick some ass.

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Denise Y.

“This book is a page turner and a fresh scenario of young suburban life. Five stars for me!"

Shaan N.

"AMAZING! I finished it yesterday at work **shhh** I was sneaking in chapters (LOL) because I couldn't wait to read the ending."

Karen D.

“The characters are funny and real. And Roshawn.. well, we’ll pray for her.
Loved it!”


C. Anthony

“This was a fun, sexy, great read that flew by and kept me wanting to know more."

L. B.

"What a wild story! But it was excellently and expertly narrated."

Nena B.

“A sexy murder mystery thriller love story. I love it.”

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